Historic monuments, parks and observation and bird-watching towers

Fallen Soldiers’ Memorial

Memorial for Fallen Soldiers Left Behind in Karelia

Pekka Lipponen's statue

Parkumäki Memorial

The Battle of Parkumäki was fought about 15 km south-east of the centre of Rantasalmi on 21 July 1789 between Finnish-Swedish and Russian troops. The massive tower-like memorial designed by architect Martti Välikangas was erected at the site on 21 July 1929.  The exact address of the memorial is Inkiläntie, 58830 Parkumäki.

Haapaniemi Memorial

The Haapaniemi Cadet School Memorial erected in 1931 is located on the original site of the school, about 10 km north-west of the centre of Rantasalmi. The remains of the building’s stone base can still be seen at the location.

Cadet Park Kadettipuisto

The festivities of the 225th anniversary of Finnish cadet education were held in Rantasalmi in the summer of 2004 and a section of the lakeside park area was named Cadet Park during that weekend. In the centre of the park is a large rock which was brought there from the original location of the Cadet School in Haapaniemi. The park’s name plate is attached to this rock. The path leading to the rock is lined with Cadet variety apple trees.  The paths that outline the park are named after three prominent people in the history of Haapaniemi Cadet School:

Yrjö Maunu Sprengtporten’s Path

(On the left side of the park when viewed from the bypass road)

Yrjö Maunu Sprengtporten, born in 1740 in Porvoo, died in 1819 in St. Petersburg. Colonel, Commander-in-Chief of the Savo Brigade, later Major General and the first Governor-General of the autonomous Grand Duchy of Finland. Founder of Finnish Officer Training.

Samuel Möller’s Path

(Path adjacent to the waterfront)

Samuel Möller, born in 1743 in Sauvo, died in 1815 in Joroinen. Lieutenant Colonel, priest, Director of the Haapaniemi Cadet School in 1779–1808 and teacher at the Haapaniemi Field Surveying School in 1812–1814. Founding father of Finnish Officer Training and Education.

Otto Carl von Fieandt’s path

(On the right-hand side of the park when viewed from the bypass road)

Otto Varl von Fieandt, born in 1758 in Kyyhkylä, Mikkeli, died in 1825 in Kyyhkylä, Mikkeli. Lieutenant Colonel, teacher at the Haapaniemi Cadet School and Headmaster of the Haapaniemi Field Surveying School in 1812–1819.

Pekka Lipponen’s Statue

Pekka Lipponen is a fictitious character created by Outsider, whose actual name is Aarne Haapakoski (the pen-name Outsider was later used by both Haapakoski and Seppo Tuisku). This scallywag character has appeared in radio plays and movies. Haapakoski created Pekka Lipponen and his friend, Kalle-Kustaa Korkki, in 1945. The entire nation got to know these characters through a series of very popular radio plays.
Pekka Lipponen is from Saparomäki in Rantasalmi. He is a businessman and a world citizen. He still lives on in Rantasalmi in the names of companies, roads and places, and a market place event in August that has been named after him. Each year at this event, the people elect a new Pekka and Manta to promote Rantasalmi around the world. Pekka’s statue was unveiled on 2 August 2009, and it stands in the park located between the Geo House and Hotel Rinssi-Eversti.

Osikonmäki Observation Tower

The Osikonmäki observation tower was completed in the autumn of 2000 as a joint effort of various parties. It is located within a nationally recognised cultural landscape. The highest part of the Osikonmäki village is 80 metres above the Haukivesi water level and 155 metres above sea level. There is also a shelter with a fireplace, available for everyone to use. The observation tower is located at Osikonmäki, approximately 2 kilometres from the centre of Rantasalmi on the Papinmäentie Road.

Repomäki Observation Tower

The Repomäki observation tower was built by volunteers in 2002, and can be used to admire the breathtaking landscape of the Linnansaari National Park. The Repomäki observation tower is located next to Repomäentie Road, approximately 14 km travelling towards Warkaus from the centre of Rantasalmi.

Kosulanlampi Bird-watching Tower

The Kosulanlampi bird-watching tower is located very close to the centre of Rantasalmi, at the end of the trail that originates from the Pappilantie.

Putkilahti Bird-watching Tower

The Putkilahti bird-watching tower is located next to Parkumäentie Road (address: Parkumäentie 922), about 9 km from the centre of Rantasalmi travelling towards Savonlinna.

Asikkala Bird-watching Tower

The Asikkala bird-watching tower is located next to Asikkalantie Road, about 10 km from the centre of Rantasalmi travelling towards Asikkala.

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